I am thrilled to introduce the new Sonoma County Professional Women’s website!!

I know we’ve been talking about this for what feels like an eternity….well, we have finally delivered! I still do not know anything about websites or how they are created, but Stephen and Shea of Smart Monkey Design have been amazingly patient with me (thank you!). It is still a foreign language. (Stocks, bonds and economics are super easy compared to this stuff… Lol.)

We now have our place in the virtual world for all to see and experience. Please take a few minutes to look at the beautifully designed website created by Smart Monkey Design. This writing was the final touch….Stephen has gently asked for a blog post and well, now that I’ve seen our website (pre-launch), I am extremely excited to be writing my very first blog post. I am not a writer, so I am attempting to type what I am thinking and feeling hoping it comes out somewhat coherently… I am finding writing more difficult than speaking….hmmm, who knew? Anyway, I am hopeful that this is the start of a much more dynamic engagement for us all, in between our fabulous monthly lunches. We would like all of the members to become engaged in helping us keep our members page full of wonderful, inspirational, enchanting and instructive/informative topics that will help all of us to continually create the best versions of ourselves for both our professional and personal lives.

Our mission is to “Grow, Support and Inspire” the professional women of Sonoma County. Connection is the best way to promote and engage each other (our members). I am inviting all of you to “inspire” our members by sending your own blog posts to us that will allow us to highlight you and your mission and keep our website current. We want you to help us kindle new ideas, “grow” motivation, and “support” one another. I’m not sure I would ever say it that way, but I do love the play on words (did you see it? Grow, support and inspire) Please feel free to forward articles or books that you’ve read that you feel would be valuable to our community of professional women. We want you to be the heartbeat of Sonoma County Professional Women and I believe our website is an additional vehicle for us to create just that!

Welcome Sonoma County Professional Women!

With great joy and excitement,

Toni Sprouse