Hello SCPW Members and Guests!

We are so thrilled to be writing our first monthly newsletter. Each month we will provide an overview of our meeting in case you couldn’t join us or wanted a quick refresh. We hope this platform will help us better communicate as a group since, “The world is a better place when women are connected.”

Jen Julius is a Leadership Coach and Speaker who shared the Energetics of Leadership with us this month. As women we are all leaders in one way or another whether professionals, managers, business owners, moms or active and community-involved. The ability to use intuition and trust your gut is key to leadership. But how do you tune in and execute on that? How do you really learn how to honor your boundaries and keep integrity at the same time?

To answer these questions, you must identify what impact you want to be making. This doesn’t have to be a “change-the-world” approach, it can be as direct as making a positive impact on your family. This impact is powerful and we have to take that power with great responsibility. Be genuine, have integrity, and act always on your moral foundation and personal values. This is what Jen refers to as staying in alignment with who YOU are as a leader. When you are excited and in alignment you are going to be the most effective you can be. This in turn will get the right people onboard to support you.

Jen pointed out that while we strive for this alignment we have to remember that “We only know what we know.” This means that what is in alignment for you last year (or last week) might not be in alignment now. We must rid the blame and the guilt from our thinking and just make the best decisions we can with the knowledge we have in that moment. Again, based off that moral foundation.

So what ARE the virtues of a leader? Leadership is unique to each woman but here are a few that we discussed:

  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Authenticity
  • Gratefulness
  • Integrity
  • Patience
  • Compassion
  • Passion
  • Leads by Example

Being aware of what virtues of leadership are in alignment for you is key. Then acting on these virtues to get in alignment is going to be unique for each person. Leverage your resources and remember that alignment approaches aren’t just individual-specific but could also be industry-specific. (Example: Exercise techniques must be tailored to the individual. Find what works for you and be OK with what doesn’t. Not everyone needs to be a marathon runner!)

“Awareness is the first step to alignment and alignment is critical to success.”

So what can you do NOW? Think about how many people you are impacting daily and use them for inspiration to make those shifts. Your kids, spouse, employees, clients, etc. All of these people will be positively affected by you being in alignment to make your unique positive impact.

Set an intention for each day for who you want to show up as. Pick an affirmation for yourself to focus on that won’t necessarily erase a negative opinion but CAN become stronger than that negative opinion over time with commitment and focus. (Ex: I am a KIND, PASSIONATE, leader who acts with INTEGRITY) Write it down, make it visible, say it out loud….the more we own this the more we can make it happen!

Here at Sonoma County Professional Women we believe that you can be your best leader and want to support you in doing so. Thank you to Jen for sharing with us and if you have any questions you can reach her at jen@jenjulius.com or visit her website here.

By Melissa Deurloo